Senator Barbara Boxer Agrees With the NRA and John Lott!

I can’t believe it but the air is full of flying pigs after this announcement.  Senator Barbara Boxer, the infamous gun-banning Senator from California has finally agreed with the NRA – at least on one item.

Senator Boxer introduced the School Safety Enhancement Act which provides for armed guards to be used in the schools (National Guard troops in her version).  Imagine having a gun-banner like Senator Boxer agreeing with Dr. John R. Lott, Jr. that more guns in the schools will result in less crime.

Even more surprising is the fact, Senator Boxer is agreeing with Wayne LaPierre of the NRA.  Wayne, in a televised news conference said “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”  He recommended using police, retired police and military placed in every school to keep the peace.

Will wonders never cease?

You can obtain the Dr. John R. Lott Jr.’s 3rd edition of MORE GUNS LESS CRIME for just $5.13.

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City Attorney Recommends Loading Your Guns – In California!

It seems that pigs are really flying when a city attorney advises residents to lock and load.  It seems that the City of San Bernardino is getting rid of 80 police officers.

The murder rate is 50% above that of last year and the reduction in police encourage more crime.  On top of this the city attorney noticed too many criminals are in the city.

Jim Penman, San Bernardino’s city attorney said “Let’s be honest, we don’t have enough police officers. We have too many criminals living in this city.”

Jim encouraged people to defend themselves since the police apparently are not going to do it.  He told people at a city meeting called for the recent murder of an elderly woman to “lock your doors and load your guns.”  Wendy McCommack, a City Councilwoman agrees with Jim.

I have a hard time believing this is happening in California!

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Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence admits gun laws do not prevent shootings

Don’t expect the Brady Campaign (formerly Handgun Control) will become an passionate supporter of the Second Amendment, but they did admit that gun laws do not prevent shootings.

One Goh, 43, legally purchased a .45 pistol.  The magazines could hold 8 rounds, well under California’s 10-round limit.

Goh passed the instant FBI background check.  He waded through California’s strict gun laws and also waited the 10 day cooling-off period.

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Boston Globe Publishes Pro-2A News Article

Well known as one of the bastions of liberal thought in New England, the Boston Globe has historically leaned to the left side of the political spectrum.

Publishing a pro-Second Amendment article seems really out of place and I started to read the article with a lot of skepticism figuring there was a huge amount of sarcasm embedded within.

Surprisingly, I had to look out the window for flying pigs after I finished this article.  It agrees with John Lott Jr.’s premise of More Guns Less Crime.

In his article “A safer society with gunsJeff Jacoby writes: “But the experience of Colorado State and DC should come as no surprise. By now there’s so much evidence that higher rates of gun ownership lead to lower rates of crime that it isn’t hard to fathom why fewer and fewer Americans want to ban handguns.”

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Eric Holder claims congressional call for his resignation is about race

US Attorney General Eric Holder allowed the sale of firearms to Mexican drug gangs even when the gun shops tried to report the illegal attempts to purchase these same firearms.  Brian Terry, a United States Border Patrol agent, was killed because of these purchases.

Sixty members of congress called for his resignation and US Attorney General Holder has refused.  He claims that the only reason he is being asked to resign is the fact he happens to be black.

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