Anti-gun Democrat Congressional Candidate Arrested for Murder Using Gun!

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A Democrat running for Georgia’s 10th congressional district on an anti-gun platform was arrested for murdering her campaign manager. And SURPRISE, SURPRISE, Kellie Collins used a gun!

We can assume she didn’t kill her campaign manager because of his performance (in the campaign – more about this later) as they raised $5,000. After raising this amount of money for her campaign she withdrew from the race for “personal reasons”.

When running, she was very much against guns. USA Today reported

During her candidacy, the Democratic candidate pledged to fight for tighter gun laws to protect the community.

Kellie Collins shot her 41-year-old campaign manager, Curt Cain, and he bled to death. She then stole his car and fled.

Since they were in a relationship and living together, I will let you ruminate on why she committed murder. Maybe she was overwhelmed with hatred against President Trump (in her words an “unqualified demagogue”) and took it out on Curt; maybe not.

My big questions are: Why did an exceptionally determined anti-gun person have a firearm? Did she legally possess that gun? Did she have someone else make a straw purchase? Did she steal it or even buy it at a gun show?

If this was a Republican candidate, you can be sure people would be protesting in the streets egged on by an anti-gun press. I guess all the anti-gun rhetoric will amount to the sound of crickets in the press since Kellie is a Democrat.

Move on people. Nothing to see here.


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