Far Left Liberal Says Stop Supporting Gun Bans

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A liberal who is a self-admitted person “who is politically far left of center” is bucking the Democrat’s party line that guns are bad.  The author of Kontradictions, a liberal blog, is an unabashed lefty in the political arena. In the best When Pigs Fly tradition, he (or she) is striking out against the liberal stance on gun bans and confiscation.

In his (or her) post Dear Gun Control Democrats: 6 Ways to Make a Better Argument, he (or she) makes some great points to discredit just about every argument the left uses to support their gun control efforts.  There are a lot of well-researched facts that any 2A supporter can use to combat those who would like to see the Second Amendment go by the wayside.

Here are a few suggestions offered by this blog post:

“The best way to convince the American public that you’re not interested in taking guns away is to stop talking about taking guns away.”

“If you don’t know how guns work, you don’t get to craft legislation about them.”

“Stop Using Children”

“Stop Pretending Background Checks Don’t Already Exist”

“…you cannot advance the discussion on gun policy by treating the NRA as if they were something other than the citizens who intentionally pay for them to do exactly what they do.”

“Gun policy is not really as partisan a debate as mainstream media would suggest. There are plenty of left-leaning citizens and Democratic voters who love our guns.”

I highly recommend reading this post in it entirety!  This is a far-left liberal that I wouldn’t mind standing beside to protect our rights to bear arms.

I am proud to say that the Golden State Second Amendment Council is a non-partisan gathering group of citizens who are like-minded when it comes to the Second Amendment.  I extend an invitation to the author of Kontradictions to attend one of our meetings or even our annual BBQ!

Again, I urge everyone, but particularly the left-of-center citizens to read this well thought out and accurate article.

Fred Hoot

Second Amendment Advocate

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