‘I Don’t Believe In Guns’ Man Wants to Thank Those Who Do

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On January 11, 2013, Kevin Dorsey was a man who doesn’t believe in guns and will not have one in his house. While I do not know if Kevin will change his attitude about owning or even liking a firearm, I do think he now believes that other law-abiding citizens carrying concealed firearms may be a good thing.

Kevin said “I don’t believe in guns. I don’t own a gun… These people protected me when I couldn’t protect myself.”  He also said he wants to thank those two people for saving him.

Hopefully we might even see Kevin supporting concealed carry.  This happened in Houston, Texas, where a law-abiding person is allowed to carry a firearm on their person.  Permits are readily available as long as you are a law-abiding citizen and not crazy or a felon.

You can read the details in the GS2AC a Good Guy with a Gun blog.

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