Anti-gun Democrat Congressional Candidate Arrested for Murder Using Gun!

A Democrat running for Georgia’s 10th congressional district on an anti-gun platform was arrested for murdering her campaign manager. And SURPRISE, SURPRISE, Kellie Collins used a gun!

We can assume she didn’t kill her campaign manager because of his performance (in the campaign – more about this later) as they raised $5,000. After raising this amount of money for her campaign she withdrew from the race for “personal reasons”. Continue reading

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DC Police Chief Says Best Option for Saving Lives: Take the Gunman Out

I was dozing odd and surfing though the TV channels Sunday evening when I thought I heard someone say if faced with an active shooter incident the best option was to “take the gunman out.” I had to look out the window to see if pigs were flying outside because this was a Chief of Police saying this.

What is even more surprising is this was no Chief of Police in a rural area, but Washington Metropolitan Police Chief Cathy Lanier! Yes, this is the same Cathy Lanier who is no friend of the second amendment and wants to ban all firearms in our country’s Capitol. She said “If you’re in a position to try and take the gunman down, to take the gunman out, it’s the best option for saving lives before police can get there.” Continue reading

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Anti-gun Ad Proves Need for Self Defense

The latest Bloomberg anti-gun advertisement was meant to show why firearms need to be outlawed. The ad actually proves the need for owning a firearm for self protection!
The advertisement proves:
1. Despite the fact the perpetrator was banned from owning a firearm or ammunition due to a restraining order against him, he illegally possessed a firearm.  Outlawing firearms would not have stopped this.
2. The criminal was illegally carrying a concealed weapon.  Again laws against this behavior would not have stopped him.
3. The restraining order did not protect the woman.  It even appears to have acted as a catalyst for violence.
4. The police could not possibly arrive in time and thus were powerless to protect the woman.
5. The woman was shot to death because she had no form of self defense.
6. The only possible way for the woman to have survived was to protect herself with a firearm.

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Would You Believe Obama Voted for Stand Your Ground Legislation?

Not only did Obama vote for S.B. 2386, which increased the security of the Illinois Stand Your Ground self defense law, but he actually co-sponsored that legislation.  Who would have thought that the main gun banner in the White House actually sponsored and voted for increasing the protection of our Second Amendment rights? Continue reading

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Obama Supporter Strongly Believes in the Second Amendment

The Singer Madonna does not usually come to mind when naming Hollywood supporters of the Second Amendment.  Madona, who supported Obama (who is a proponent of gun control) is a well-known liberal in Tinsel Town.

I could nearly hear the flapping of pig’s wings when I found out that Madonna said “I mean the thing is, guns don’t kill people, people kill people” during an interview by ABC reporter Elizabeth Vargas. Continue reading

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Senator Dianne Feinstein says criminals steal guns to commit crimes

I can hardly believe these words are coming from gun-banning Senator Dianne Feinstein!  She posted the following on her Facebook page:

“Individuals (who) steal firearms are more likely to commit violent crimes with stolen guns, transfer stolen firearms to others who commit crimes and create an unregulated secondary market for firearms”

Dianne Feinstein on gun theft Continue reading

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Far Left Liberal Says Stop Supporting Gun Bans

A liberal who is a self-admitted person “who is politically far left of center” is bucking the Democrat’s party line that guns are bad.  The author of Kontradictions, a liberal blog, is an unabashed lefty in the political arena. In the best When Pigs Fly tradition, he (or she) is striking out against the liberal stance on gun bans and confiscation. Continue reading

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Anti Gun Lobbyist Endorses Assault Rifle Use

Adam Eichberg had “an absolute blast” at the farm of Colorado State Senator Greg Brophy.  Senator Brophy has a Watermelon Shoot at his farm every year in September.

Adam enthusiastically used a DPMS .308 “assault” rifle outfitted with a 20-round magazine to pulverize watermelons.  He had as much fun as he could legally have with his clothes on as the THUMP of the bullets hitting the watermelons and the pink spray of watermelon juice permeated the air. Continue reading

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‘I Don’t Believe In Guns’ Man Wants to Thank Those Who Do

On January 11, 2013, Kevin Dorsey was a man who doesn’t believe in guns and will not have one in his house. While I do not know if Kevin will change his attitude about owning or even liking a firearm, I do think he now believes that other law-abiding citizens carrying concealed firearms may be a good thing.

Kevin said “I don’t believe in guns. I don’t own a gun… These people protected me when I couldn’t protect myself.”  He also said he wants to thank those two people for saving him. Continue reading

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Even Pravda Supports the Second Amendment!

Who would have ever thought that the propaganda organization of Russia, Pravda, would come out supporting the Second Amendment here in the United States?  Well they have publicly stated their support of the Second Amendment, saying it is “a rare light in an ever darkening room.” Continue reading

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