Would You Believe Obama Voted for Stand Your Ground Legislation?

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Not only did Obama vote for S.B. 2386, which increased the security of the Illinois Stand Your Ground self defense law, but he actually co-sponsored that legislation.  Who would have thought that the main gun banner in the White House actually sponsored and voted for increasing the protection of our Second Amendment rights?

The vote on S.B. 2386 took place on March 25th, 2004 with a unanimous vote in the Senate.  The Illinois House also passed the bill.  Even more interesting is the fact that the Illinois Senate and House were and are controlled by liberals that traditionally do not support the Second Amendment.

These days, Obama is attempting to use his position as President to pressure state governments to do away with castle doctrine and stand your ground laws.  These laws are necessary to allow people to defend themselves.

I would bet Obama was just using this vote as a convenient maneuver to advance his political career.  What do you think?

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