Anti Gun Lobbyist Endorses Assault Rifle Use

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Adam Eichberg had “an absolute blast” at the farm of Colorado State Senator Greg Brophy.  Senator Brophy has a Watermelon Shoot at his farm every year in September.

Adam enthusiastically used a DPMS .308 “assault” rifle outfitted with a 20-round magazine to pulverize watermelons.  He had as much fun as he could legally have with his clothes on as the THUMP of the bullets hitting the watermelons and the pink spray of watermelon juice permeated the air.

It looks like just another great day in the free State of Colorado by a bunch of firearms enthusiasts, hosted no less by a Senator.

Adam Eichberg, however, is a lobbyist who is working for Mayors Against Illegal Guns, an anti-gun group founded by Mayor Bloomberg from the Nanny City of New York.

Evidently Adam believes in his Right to the Pursuit of Happiness in using those evil, and soon to be illegal, “assault” rifles with high-capacity magazines.  When the anti-gun Governor of Colorado heard about the Watermelon Shoot in his own state, Governor John Hickenlooper, a Democrat who is promising to sign legislation to outlaw such rifles, asked to be invited!

It is amazing how so many anti-gun activists want to Keep and Bear Arms while wanting to prevent from falling into the hands of normal citizens.

When asked about his participation in the fun Watermelon Shoot, lobbyist Adam Eichberg said “I really hate watermelons.”  Maybe Mr. Eichberg needs an anger management course instead.


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  2. Coralie says:

    Kudos to you! I hadn’t thughot of that!

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