Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence admits gun laws do not prevent shootings

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Don’t expect the Brady Campaign (formerly Handgun Control) will become an passionate supporter of the Second Amendment, but they did admit that gun laws do not prevent shootings.

One Goh, 43, legally purchased a .45 pistol.  The magazines could hold 8 rounds, well under California’s 10-round limit.

Goh passed the instant FBI background check.  He waded through California’s strict gun laws and also waited the 10 day cooling-off period.

Then he went over to Oikos University in East Oakland, California and killed seven people and wounded three others.  This tragic murderous spree shows that anyone who really wishes to kill people can do it.

Amanda and Nick Wilcox, lobbyists for the California chapter of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence commented on the shootings. “It wasn’t a failure of laws. I just don’t see how our gun laws could have stopped something like that.”

That is what we have been saying all along when yet another gun law restricts law abiding citizens.

If One Goh was not dissuaded from killing people with a possibility of a death sentence for murder, surely he would not have been put off by gun laws.


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4 Responses to Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence admits gun laws do not prevent shootings

  1. Flaviano says:

    In one of the most favorite words from one of my many ciodlhhod cartoons, “That’s the most unheard of thing I ever heard of.”This company, makes gun bags (what, just as a design, or to actually put a gun into?), in an OBVIOUS design, with the most eye-screaming color. And they turn around and donate 5% to Brady??As a retired Army radio operator, all I can say is, “WTF, over.”B WoodmanSSG (Ret) U S Army

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